The Newly Expanded Facility

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In honor of Mother’s Day, workout for FREE during staffed hours!

Friday and Saturday from 8:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.

Free Tanning will also be available!


FYI: Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 14th.

(Please note, this offer is not restricted to mother’s only.)

Attention Members: Gym Changes

Attention Members

Our Lake Anna facility has officially closed. The term of our lease within this building expired on April 1, 2017, and due to the substantial rate and fee increase, as well as instability of other building factors, we had no option but to close this facility.

We’re EXPANDING our location in Louisa!

We are leasing the unit that adjoins to our Louisa gym space. We will consolidate equipment, so you’ll have MORE!

  • The current space will become an area for all strength training (TWO full sets of dumbbells, multiple areas for racks, bars, and free weights). More space for more weights!
  • The cardio equipment will be consolidated and moved to the new unit (all of the cardio will be in its own section…but you just walk through the open adjoining doorway inside the units to go back and forth! You won’t have to go outside!). We will be adding to our cardio selection too—new stair stepper and spin bikes!
  • The “back” section of the new space will be used for Cross-Fit type training (we’ll call it “X-Train”)! We plan to have an instructor on Saturday mornings but will leave the space available for your own training workouts using that equipment 24/7. This space is unfinished—meaning the ceiling is extra high, so you can do some different types of workouts…think plyo boxes, battle ropes, punching bags! The back of this room has a full-size garage door too…so the X-Train classes and other programs can utilize outdoor space along with the indoor areas.

We realize that making the 15-minute drive over to the town of Louisa might be too much, though, especially if you live an unreasonable distance from this gym location. So, if you fall into the category of living too far to be able to come over to Louisa for your workouts, you will need to relay the information to a staff member or email the owners directly at (don’t forget the “dot” in We will figure out a solution!